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Concrete Canoe

Information on our concrete canoe team is soon to come

Steel Bridge

Information on our steel bridge team is soon to come

Pumpkin Launch

Information on our pumpkin launch team is soon to come



Student Engineers are Building a Steel Bridge to Utah

If you were following last month’s series of articles covering the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition team at Illinois Tech, then you might also be a little familiar with the […]

Canoe Sinks but Student Dreams Soar (Part 4)

It was finally here… after months of planning and constructing our concrete canoe, the day had come to see if our canoe would actually float. When the clock struck 4 am, […]

Concrete Countdown: It’s Sink or Swim Time! (Part 3)

Will our canoe, which we spent countless hours on over the past several months, sink, or will it stay afloat? Images of the cracks in our canoe race through my mind, […]