Recent Journal Publications:

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  • Amir Ashkan Mokhtari, Yan Lu and Ankit Srivastava, “On the Emergence of Negative Effective Density and Modulus in 2-phase Phononic Crystals”,  Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, (arxiv)
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  • Ankit Srivastava and John R. Willis, “Evanescent Wave Boundary Layers in Metamaterials and Sidestepping them through a Variational Approach”, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, DOI: 10.1098/rspa.2016.0765. (arxiv)
  • Yan Lu and Ankit Srivastava, “Combining Plane Wave Expansion and Variational Techniques for Fast Phononic Computations”, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)EM.1943-7889.0001362. (arxiv)
  • Yan Lu, Yang Yang, James K Guest, and Ankit Srivastava, “3-D phononic crystals with ultra-wide band gaps”, Scientific Reports, doi:10.1038/srep43407 (arxiv)
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  • Ankit Srivastava, “Elastic Metamaterials and Dynamic Homogenization: A Review”,  invited paper in IJSNM special issue on metamaterials (arxiv)
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