The most essential differences between the holistic and traditional dentistry


Most of us think about the mercury fillings when it is about the difference between the holistic and natural dental practice. Not only the ‘mercury fillings’ but also many differences remain between the traditional and holistic dental practices. Most importantly, keep in mind that some traditional dentists practice the philosophies and other vice-versa. But, that doesn’t mean they work as a holistic dentist.

Holistic literally means Whole-istic, or the practice of taking into account the entire health of a patient, not just their mouths” - Biological Dentist, Dr. Vinograd

Below you will find some significant differences in treatment/solutions of the two dentists.

There are differences in the treatment process of the two dentists:

  • Mercury Fillings

Usually, traditional dentistry follows the treatment of mercury amalgam fillings. Also the typical insurance companies cover the cost of these kinds of placements. They also establish the ADA and FDA’s statements to show that the mercury filling is more stabilized and safer than other treatment solution. The mercury filling is also easier than the composite fillings.


The Holistic dentist contradicts the mercury fillings as mercury is a toxic element. Even a small amount of the mercury is very dangerous for the overall health. The holistic dentists think, though mercury fillings are a long-lasting treatment solution, but it put extreme pressure on the tooth. It is true that the holistic dentists don’t suggest mercury fillings; rather they meet safety guidelines for removal.

  • Root Canal Therapy:

Most traditional dentists recommend the root canal therapy to save the tooth from decay. They also argue that this Root Canal Therapy has been done for centuries for safety purpose. It is an effective method to protect the natural tooth from damaging.

According to the research results by Holistic dentists says that the root canal therapy cannot be effective unless the canal is sterilized. Before applying the root canal therapy you should clean the area, remove bacteria and make that place sterilized. They also say that making completely sterilize the canal is 100% impossible task. The Holistic Dentist also argues that the chemicals that are used for sterilization are toxic. Formaldehyde is such toxic chemical. The bacteria that are left in the canal caused adverse effects into the health. These bacteria are responsible for breast cancer, heart disease, etc. That’s why; holistic dentists do not recommend the root canal therapy.

  • Fluoride:

Usually, the traditional dentists are in favor of using fluoride both the topical and ingested form. They recommend fluoridating water for everyone and fluoride drops for infants. They point to a research that if the water is fluoridated the cavity rate will be decreased.

On the contrary, the holistic dentists are against of using fluoride for ingestion. They refer to a research result that the ingested fluoride is the cause of cancer and various bone problems. Some other research shows that there is no benefit to the teeth from ingested fluoride. They also argue that too much fluoride can cause fluorosis. A mercury free dental practice will recommend avoiding that water which contains fluoride. Though some of them are on the side of using fluoride, most others are against of using fluoride.

Different attitudes about the Biocompatibility fact:

Most of the traditional dentists don’t test the biocompatibility fact. They have no interest whether the materials they are recommended for good health or not. They don’t show the difference between the composite filling materials. Also they will not help you to make a decision about the materials that is best for cavity.

The holistic dentists believe that whatever goes into your mouth can affect your entire body. All of them have the proper equipment to test the biocompatibility of the materials they use. They help you to make the decision about the materials that suits you best.