CIB W782018

Guidelines for Final Submission

The CIB W78 2018 proceedings titled “Advancements of Informatics and Computing in Civil and Construction Engineering” will be available both in print and electronically, with the electronic version available through the Springer Link one week before the start of the conference and the print version available at the conference. Detailed guidelines for the final paper submission are available through the Springer Guidelines for Authors. For quick reference, a summary of the guidelines and important steps follow:

Summary of Guidelines

• Step 1- Final submission.

It is highly encouraged that authors review Springer authors' guidelines, which include information for preparing the final paper, such as formatting details, ethics criteria, permissions, correct representation of author names, etc. The revised, final version of each manuscript must address reviewers’ recommendations (accessible on EasyChair); be thoroughly proofread; and be formatted in compliance with Springer’s requirements (refer to: paper template). It must be uploaded into EasyChair in PDF format no later than June 25th.

• Step 2- Accompanying material (optional).

Authors are permitted to submit accompanying materials with their final submissions. Such items include videos, datasets, and figures that would help to further explain and demonstrate the concepts presented in the paper to readers (for examples, refer to: Supplementary Material Images, Supplementary Material Video). Accompanying materials will be subject to copyright transfer and will be for distribution only with the electronic version of the proceedings. Access to accompanying materials can be password protected upon the authors’ requests. Supplementary material should be uploaded in EasyChair no later than June 25th.

• Step 3- Copyright transfer form(s).

One Consent to Publish Form – signed by the corresponding author – must be submitted with each paper. If a submission features material (e.g., figures and images) that has been published elsewhere, a Permission Request Form must also be submitted by the corresponding author.

• Step 4- Upload final materials Easy Chair.

Please upload: (1) the revised version of your paper; (2) accompanying material (optional); and (3) copyright forms into EasyChair no later than June 25th. There exists one icon for each individual material category. If you have multiple files in each category, please upload the files using ZIP format. The paper you submit is final. It is expected that all copyright issues have been resolved, no references have been omitted, and that the authors listed at the top of the chapter are the final authors. Revisions to your submission will not be permitted after June 25th.

• Step 5- Conference registration.

At least one author of each paper must be registered for the conference by June 27th. Registration fees and other related information is published on the conference website (refer to: registration information).

• Step 6- Typesetting of final submissions:

The format of final submissions will be checked by Springer’s typesetters. The typesetters will send a typeset copy of the final PDF to the paper’s corresponding author and ask for verification that no errors have occurred during the transfer and preparation of the files. Only errors introduced during the preparation of the files (e.g. conversion errors in text, tables, and figures) will be corrected. Particular attention should be paid to the references section. This process does not present an opportunity to update or copyedit the paper; as such, requests to add new results, corrected values, modify titles or authorship will not be processed. Strict deadlines must be adhered to during this process. Editors will be notified if corresponding authors do not respond within the typesetters’ time-frame and related papers may be subject to withdrawal from the proceedings.


Please e-mail all remaining questions to the Editors: Professor Ivan Mutis, or Professor Timo Hartman.

October 2018