Work Projects

Streamline Worldwide

During Winter 2016/17, I designed and developed a professional website and a visitor analytics system for Streamline Communications Corp., a graphic design company based in Tinley Park, IL.

View the website:

Personal Projects

Esports Club Management

VJA Smash Society

I founded the VJA Smash Society, a gaming club focused around E-sports for high school and college students to compete and grow as individuals and teams. I have held the responsibilities of planning, branding, and live-streaming events, designing and maintaining our website and community outlets, and integrating with my high school.

Official Website:

VJA Smash Logo

Game Development

Soccer Bars - Fall 2015

Designed and developed Soccer Bars, a single player game with networking, in Fall of 2015. I utilized the LibGDX framework and the full stack for the game and its accompanying website.

Official website: Soccer Bars Home

Soccer Bars Gameplay Image

Tetris By Truski - Spring 2016

Tetris by Truski is a classic tetris clone that is played in the browser. Completely written in JavaScript, this game takes advantage of JQuery functions to simplify the game's mechanics.

Play in Browser: Tetris By Truski

Tetris By Truski Gameplay Image

SuperChess - Fall 2016

SuperChess is a cross-platform computer chess application written in Java using the LibGDX framework. It supports peer-to-peer multiplayer without the need of a server, as well as advanced features such as move highlighting.

Download: SuperChess.jar

SuperChess Gameplay Image

Slyder - Spring 2017

Slyder is a cross-platform puzzle game, allowing you to play the classic sliding puzzle with any image on your computer. Written using the LibGDX framework, the game it started by a Swing launcher to allow for custom configuration.

Download: Slyder.jar

Slyder Gameplay Image

School Projects

CS100: Arbor's Inferno

In my introductory class to the Computer Science profession in Fall 2015, my team and I created an accessible game for the blind called Arbor's Inferno. We utilized MIT's Scratch game engine as well as a Makey Makey device to allow players to touch real life objects, such as soil, a helmet, and a lantern, to interact with the game.

Learn more: Arbor's Inferno

HUM380: Chicago Coin Op

In my History of Video Games class in Fall 2015, my group and I researched the coin-op gaming industry in Chicago. My group contributed to the Chicago Coin Op archive by interviewing Jessica Kent, the founder of the female pinball club Down To Flip.

Learn More: Jessica Kent, Down to Flip

COM421: Seniors Citizens and Climate Change

As the final project of my Technical Communications class, I created a set of materials to help inform senior citizens about Climate Change. I created a flyer, powerpoint presentation, and a W3C validated website, featuring accessibility features.

View the website: Climate Change and You