IIT Student Action to Provide Immediate Relief In Haiti

The EWB/Haiti Outreach Students of IIT held a general body meeting on Tuesday January 19th in order to collaborate with other student leaders and organizations across the IIT community including various faculty members. At the meeting we discussed specific points of actions of our organization including collecting donations, raising awareness within and outside of the IIT community, and establishing long term goals. An overwhelming amount of response came from the meeting.

Already student organizations are willing to organize events to generate monetary donations to go towards immediate relief. EWB-IIT has already collected over $700.00 from IIT generous donations within the IIT community.

Within the next week, look out for:

■-Kappa Phi Delta’s bake sale
■-The Strike Force bowling tournament
■-The Sig Ep soccer tournament
to help raise additional funds for earthquake relief.

Upcoming events include a clothing and supply drive and a Haitian awareness night to seek further aid for the reconstruction of Port Au Prince and much of the southwest portion of the country.

In addition another general body meeting will be held next Wednesday January 27th in the MTCC Ballroom from 12:50-1:50pm.

All proceeds that the students generate will be going to Haiti Outreach and Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH). Haiti Outreach is an NGO with over 10 years of experience in Haiti. Currently they are drilling wells around damaged areas and delivering trucks of water to people in dire need. Community Coalition for Haiti has extensive experience in country. For relief they are collecting medical supplies and organizing doctors, volunteers and structural engineers who speak Haitian-Creole or French.

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