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07.06.11 Roll-Up Meeting } {

We came together to make brain storming about what we can do and Vice Consul of Chicago Mr.Seyfi Onur Sayin honored our meeting. That was enormously productive meeting. And it was very encouraging to receive the support of our consulate. Thanks a lot.


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10.21.11 Meeting with Consulate General of Turkey

Thank you very much our Consulate General Of Turkey Mr. Fatih YILDIZ for such a nice meeting where many academics and students come together. We were there as IITTURK and it was our pleasure. Hope to meet another nice meeting though .

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2011-12 Event Lists


1_”Rool Up” Meeting 07.07.11

2_Welcome Week Fair 08.24.11

3_Musical - Peter Pan 08.12.11

4_IIT TURK Meeting Lunch (Turquoise) 09.10.11

5_Basketball 09.15.11

6_Soccer 09.17.11

7_CSO Concert (Muti) 10.01.11

8_”Keep it up” Meeting 10.20.11

9_Skydeck Tour * 10.22.11

10_I-Fest (Van Earthquake Relief Fund) 11.11.11

11_IIT Turk Luch (Orchid) 11.12.11

12_Rock Climbing

13_Devil’s Head SKI 12.23.11

14_Bulls (Asik) v.s. Nets (Okur) 01.23.12

15_Musical - Mamma Mia 01.29.12

16_CSO Contert (Alain Altinoglu)* 02.24.12

17_ Opera (Aida) * 03.06.12

18_Musical (Bring it On)* 03.10.12

19_30th Year Celebration* (Turkish Cusine) 03.16.12

20_Sum up Meeting 05.10.12

21_NATO-Athletic Crossroads Event 05.12.12

22_Soccer 05.17.12

* funded events



12.11.11 Gathering Lunch

IITTURK had a lunch in such a intimate atmosphere and we had fun, shared ideas and tasted delicious Turkish food. Thank you very much for participators especially Mr. S. Onur Sayin, Professors, alumnus and precious students.

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