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Calling Turkey

When you first arrive in the United States, you can call Turkey either by using a calling-card or your current mobile phone operator in Turkey.

To call by a Callingcard

1-) The easiest way to get a callingcard before you come to the United States is mezun callingcard.

1.1-) To get a mezun callingcard you need to sign up and follow the steps indicated in the website.

2-) To use your calling-card you need public telephones which are located everywhere such as in the airport, at the train stations etc.

3-) You may use coins, or your credit card belonging to Turkey to access to the public telephones.

3.1-) If you prefer using coins, you need 50 cents to start your call.

To call by mobile phone

1-) The most important thing to be able to use your mobile phone in the United States is that your mobile phone must have three band feature which is frequency band of 1900MHz, otherwise you can’t use your mobile phone in the United States.

2-) Ask your mobile phone operator if your line is open to make and receive an international call.

3-) Learn how to make a call.

3.1-) If you are using a prepaid line, it differs from the regular lines. You can’t directly enter the phone number but you can receive calls just as you would in Turkey.

4-) When you arrive to the United States, you need to select the available mobile phone operator such as T-Mobile if it doesn’t happen automatically, so be familiar with your phone.

5-) Keep in mind that in the United States when you use your mobile phone, you will be charged even if you receive a call. It is different from Turkey.

6-) Last note for your relatives in Turkey, think this mobile phone as if it is in Turkey which means that you can call that number as you did before when it was in Turkey.

After you come to the United States, you may prefer to buy a mobile phone and line from local mobile phone operators such as T-MobileVerizonAT&TCingular etc. or you may continue using a calling card.