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To arrange a place to live must be your highest priority before you arrive in the United States. Even if you can’t arrange a permanent place, you must know where you will stay at your first few days. At this point the day you arrive in the United States is the critical day since your plane will be landed around the evening hours.

You have two choices to have a permanent place to live. One of them is on-campus housing opportunities and the other is off-campus housing.

On-campus housing opportunities

1-) You have 3 opportunities to choose each of which has different advantages:

1.1-) Apartment Housing

1.2-) Residence Hall Housing

1.3-) State Street Village Housing

2-) To get detailed information about them, log onto the website of Illinois Institute of Technology Housing Office. You will get information about how to apply, how to move in, the plans of rooms, the rents etc.

Off-campus housing advantages

You can find some apartments close to the main campus at Bridgeport, and South Commons. They are safe and close to the railway stations of Red and Green lines.

To rent a place in downtown, please simply search the websites below with keyword downtown:

Campus apartment housing advantages

1-) The main advantage of these 4 apartments is having your own house with different room plan alternatives.

2-) The rent covers all utilities such as electricity, water, wireless internet, heating.

3-) Since the rent is for a house, if you have a roommate you will share the rent. Each room plan has a roommate limit. This means if you have a roommate you pay half of the rent.

Campus residental hall housing advantages

The main advantage of this dormitory complex site is having the chance of meeting many friends which may help you to improve your English skills, to adapt faster and to learn different cultures.

Campus apartment housing disadvantages

1-) Contrary to Residence Hall Housing, the chance of having friends is very low because these buildings are real apartments not a dormitory.

2-) The rooms are unfurnished except having refrigerator and oven, so you need to buy your own furniture including bed, tables, chairs, floor lamp etc. But keep in mind that it is not a big deal.

Campus residence hall housing disadvantages

1-) You have to share your room with another person.

2-) The rooms can be too small.

3-) You must be enrolled in a meal plan.

4-) The rent is for each person not for the room.