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Millitary Service

If you didn’t complete your military service or didn’t delay it for a future date, you must delay your military service before you leave Turkey. This process requires some paperwork. You can start this process before you leave Turkey or after you arrive in the United States.

Important Note: There is an important advantage if you make it before you leave Turkey that youdon’t pay any fee which depends on the period for a valid passport while getting your passport from the Police Department and also you don’t pay the fee which is at the amount of approximately $50, while you are leaving Turkey at the passport control.

To start process before you leave Turkey

1-) You need to open a file called “ozel ogrenci”. To do this:

2-) Ask for the details from the Department of Study Abroad in the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education by calling (312) 417 69 86-413 15 25 or by using fax (312) 425 54 01. Here is the website address:


3-) To use the advantage of starting the process before you leave Turkey as indicated in the preceding paragraph, keep in mind that opening a file takes approximately 15 days.

4-) After your file is opened, they will give you an official letter to use while receiving your passport from the Police Department.

5-) Also keep in mind that once you have paid the fee for getting a passport without that letter, the Police Department doesn't refund your money, but you can still arrange not to pay the fee at the passport control. The arrangement is that they seal your passport.

To start process after you arrive in the US

1-) You need to open a file.

2-) Log onto the following website of Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles for all kinds of information: