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Chicago has a very well organised and city wide transit network. You can go everwhere easily by the existing train lines. Red and Green line trains pass through the main campus. You need get off the train at Sox-35th Station of Red line and at 35th-Bronzeville-IIT Station of Green Line. If you take the Red line to come to the main campus you need to walk 5 minutes, on the other hand the Green line passes just through the campus so you don’t need to take an extra walk.

To access trains and buses you need to have aCTATransit Card. You can get this card from the vending machines at each stationnotfrom the CTA staff. Also keep in mind thatonce you are registered for classes, you get a U-Pass Card which makes all your access to transitfreeduring the enrolled semester. Around the campus it is very difficult to find a taxi, so you need to call them. You can call the following phone numbers of some taxi companies:



Phone Number


Yellow Cab




American United Cab



Flash Cab




When you arrive in the Chicago atO’Hare Airport, you can take train or taxi to go to the place you will stay for that first day. If you choose taking a taxi, you can find them just in front of theTerminal 5where your plane lands. If you choose taking the train you need to go to theTerminal 3. It can be exhausting to get to Terminal 3 but on the other hand it is cheaper than taxi. It is about $2-5.