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Nancy Hamill Governale, AIA, CEM

Adjunct Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
President, Facilities Research, Inc.

Role: Faculty Advisor

Why this IPRO?: For the past 25 years I have been engaged in the design, construction and management of buildings. During this time my interest has been centered on energy efficiency and the role master planning plays in achieving good facility decision making. At this point in history we need good solutions for energy conscious designs that utilize emerging technologies. With the Solar Thermal series of IPRO’s we have been able to work with teams of students who have a fresh outlook on making renewable energy work within the context of new and existing buildings.

IPRO Goals: It is my belief that the method of assembly of renewable energy devices will ultimately lead to the widespread incorporation of this technology in buildings. This semester, students were charged with creating a new pavilion enclosure over the baseball viewing stands so that we could explore the possibility of building remote energy producing installations that serve two purposes. The distribution of solar thermal energy collected at one location and sent to another building has applicability to many installations and interconnected buildings.

Related Experience: As an architect my experience has been primarily as a owner with approximately 80% existing facilities and 20% new facilities. It is my belief that the greatest impact we can make to improve the United State’s energy efficiency is through the modification and enhancement of existing facilities. Solutions for renewable energy and sustainability need to promoted within existing facilities. My research at the university and in private consulting practice has helped to improve many millions of square feet of space.

Personal Goal for the IPRO: To assure that the students have an understanding of the concepts of Solar Thermal and that they are given enough freedom to accomplish this IPRO according to their own research. My hope is that each student gains an appreciation for the work required in accomplishing complex tasks and that all team members bring their thinking caps wherever they go.


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