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IPRO 328 Midterm Progress Report

Summary of Progess

First 2 Weeks
Following 4 Weeks
Last 2 Weeks
  • Introduction to the IPRO by professor Nancy Hamill
  • The review of previous IPRO’s work
  • The organization of the group into subgroups
  • Engaging in the study and research of passive solar heating technology by sub groups
  • The development of a project plan.
  • The creation of 3D site plan for sun studies
  • The development of a project website
  • The research of pool covers that would provide protection against heat loss
  • The study of the proper heat collectors and placement for the devices on site.
  • The learning and studying the ret screen program for analysis of project.
  • The development of a structure to support the heating collectors
  • The selection of the proper heat collectors
  • The studying of Energy 10 software to due more analysis.
  • The schematic diagram for what equipment is need for use in the system
  • The development of the midterm report.

Enclosure Group:

The focus of the enclosure group is to design a secondary structure to which to attach the thermal collectors to. The group had to decide whether or not attach the collectors to the Keating hall structure or to a separate structure. The group decided upon a separate structure. The group then decided to place it outside the stands of the baseball field to work as a shading structure for the stands as well as storage for maintenance crew.

The Keating Hall Group:

The Keating hall group started with a focus on the pool cover as a way to maintain heat gained. At the same time began the study of the various types of solar collectors. They also looked into the other equipment that would be needed to integrate the heat collected into to the Keating hall heating system. They have also mastered the energy ten software to analyze the collected data to make predictions about energy savings of the system.

The Analysis Group:

The analysis group has been keeping track of the information collected by the other two groups taking it and putting it in to programs to calculate the potential benefits of our project. The analysis has been focusing on the website creation and maintenance. The website consists of the finished tasks of each of the groups. They have also done various ret screen tests to analyze which collectors and system which best suit the goals of the Ipro.


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