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Project Plan IPRO 328

Solar thermal Technologies for Large Scale Buildings

Project Background
Solar thermal technologies have been in use since ancient times around the world. The use of solar collectors has been going for decades and having its greatest period of discovery in the 1970s. Though solar thermal impact has been limited to times of energy crisis the potential for solar thermal collectors to greatly reduce a buildings dependence on fossil fuels is great. The recent push by Mayor Daily to make Chicago a green city gives great cause to study the potential used of solar thermal collectors.

Though there are several types of solar collectors in use to today, the focus of the IPRO will be on the two most largely used types, evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. These devices can be retro fitted to a current building or can be mounted in a separate structure. Though each collector has its own potential to succeed in Chicago, the combinations of factors will certainly make one type more viable then the other.

Keating Sport Facilities design has made it a perfect example of the use of solar collectors. The buildings energy use for climate control is great and still the climate achieved is not optimal for use. The pool facility needing to be warmer then other parts of the building to be used is a big factor in the amount of energy use.

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