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Project Plan IPRO 328

Solar thermal Technologies for Large Scale Buildings

Expected Results
Three different teams have been created to focus on different aspects of the project. Two teams will be working on the initial research of the two main aspects of the project while the third team will be doing analysis and verifying the factual nature of the predictions made by the other two groups of the proposed design.

Keating Hall Modification Team

The selection and installation process for an insulating pool cover. The development and installation procedure of a mechanical system and secondary devices for the energy gathering system. The possible application of an integrated system that can be used for cooling in the pool incorporated in the heating system.

Enclosure Team

The integration and design a structure which a thermal solar collection system can be incorporated in to and place it properly on the site. Researching the possibilities for a new curtain wall system for Keating hall that would help reduce energy load.

Analysis Team

To discover which system for solar collection has the best possible energy capabilities. To review the proposed design of the enclosure and Keating hall groups to discover the actual energy savings of the design system. The use of the gathered data and discover possible integration of the designed system into applications for commercial spaces around Chicago. The determining of a cost analysis to see the viability for the project to be actually created.

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