iConSenSe Lab.

Advanced Computing, Informatics, Sensing, and Semantics Technology
for Civil and Construction Engineering Laboratory

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About Us

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The mission of iConSenSe Lab is to incorporate computing and sensing technologies in construction engineering and management activities, there by bring construction project participants together and to perform efficient operations in the projects through the use of innovative information technologies. We recognize that communication amongst actors is irrespective of the fact that they may belong to different organizations, have different backgrounds, or be located in different parts of the globe.

Ongoing Projects

Construction Engineering & Management

At iConSenSe various exciting projects are already underway to incorporate computing and sensing technologies in construction engineering and management activities

Our Vision

Working with Diverse Disciplines to Build Better Future

iConSenSe Lab is actively involved in UAV technology for site inspection, spatial mapping, and automation and control project managment activities.

The iConSenSe Lab is commited to host an academic research center that provides a stimulating scientific environment for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Facility Management researchers who strive towards advancements in effective Collaboration, Globalization, Technical Awareness and Learning.


By enabling changes through effective interface through virtual environment during the design, construction, and operation of projects.


By extending the awareness, effective communication, and opportunities to geographically global stakeholders, including potential providers.


By enhancing educational activities through the use of innovative intervention in civil, construction engineering and management courses


Seamless Integration

sample-image Enable project participants and communities of practice to seamlessly integrate computing and sensing technologies in their work practices through a common technological framework to provide finer solutions.


sample-image Appropriate, adopt, and deploy technology to enable an effective interfacing of connected groups of actors and members of the community to more intelligently reach solutions, solve problems, and reach consensus.


sample-image Enhance awareness of civil and construction project information through better connected teams and savvy users to increase productivity and reduce the use of natural resources for enhancing sustainability practices.


sample-image Advance and incorporate new and transformative technologies and theoretical approaches in informatics and civil and construction engineering. Examples are making use of recent developments in automation and augmented reality and virtual reality to find better and optimized solutions.

Our Work

Research Projects


Augmented Reality

Project Link



Remote Visualization

Project Link


Immersive Holographic Space

Augmented Reality

Project Link

Immersive Holographic Space

Implementation Framework of Cloud BIM Governance Model


Project Link

BIM Governance Model

BIMBOT- An Intelligent cognitive agent

Deep Learning

Project Link



Adaptive Ventilation Management

Project Link


Sensing through Infrared Thermography

Thermal Imaging

Project Link

Sensing through Infrared Thermography

Security Framework for Cloud Based BIM Computing Model

A Defense-in-Depth Approach

Project Link

Securing BIM Computing Model

Indoor Navigation using autonomous UAVs

A Deep Learning based approach

Project Link

Autonomous Indoor Navigation


People Behind iConSenSe

Director iConSenSe Lab

Ivan Mutis,Ph.D.

Construction Engineering & Management

David Arditi, Ph.D.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Abhijeet Ambekar

Doctor of Philosophy in Construction Engineering and Management

Juneseok Yang

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Isma Mehraj

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Farshad Rajeei

Master of Science in Computer Science

Virat Joshi

Master of Science in Construction Engineering and Management

Xuanchang Liu

Our Alumni

Master's ITM

Adithya R.

Master's ITM

Anitha P.

Master's ITM

Rohit Desai

Master of Science in Computer Science

Romal Patel

Masters in Computer Science

Srinath Reddy Kasarla

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3201 S Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60616

How To Reach Us

+1 (312) 567 3808

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