Who we are ?

The International Student Organization serves as the gateway for students from all around the world to explore new backgrounds, cultures, and peoples and serve as a forum for students to engage in and participate in the enriching of culture and mindsets. Currently made up of a board of 20 Board members from all around the world, who wish to engage in each other’s cultural, and environmental backgrounds
to get to know each other better, to learn the differences of the world and to get a glimpse into it right here in the heart of Chicago.

By having a rich and vibrant mix of students and alumni, we have helped internationals assimilate and integrate into American culture and learn and experience new and fun activities that have changed their lives; but also helped Americans and the less traveled see and live in a home away from home at their new home by eating Japanese food, and listening to Indian songs, watching the Nigerians dance and all
the while exploring the new life of Chicago and everything it has to offer.