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Turning a Traffic Trickle Into a Stream

By Marcia Faye
Excerpt from full article in iitmagazine

Whether you drive or take public transportation, your synthetic composite counterpart is also traveling on Zongzhi Li’s desktop computer. With travel and traffic information gathered from census, survey, and field data, Li, an associate professor of transportation engineering at IIT Armour College of Engineering, is formulating the daily comings and goings—an estimated 28.5 million trips—of some 9.7 million people in the Chicago metropolitan area. His work is part of a next-generation transportation planning, traffic operations, and evacuation planning and emergency management project.

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The purpose of the student chapter of ITE is to provide a resource to IIT students interested in transportation studies and students with a general interest in transportation related issues. Some benefits of joining the organization include employment and scholarship notifications, transportation related seminars, social outings and opportunities to attend regional and national conferences.This site also provides a source for students interested in learning more about the Transportation Engineering program offered at IIT.

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Welcome to the Illinois Institute of Technology Chapter of Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), a group of IIT students interested in transportation related studies. Information about the transportation program, faculty and students can be found on this site.


Program History

IIT to Start Transportation Engineering Program in Spring, Citing Need to Rebuild Nation’s Transportation Network Chicago, October 23, 1990 -

Jotin Khisty, PhD, PE Professor Emeritus

The pressing national need to find more trained engineers and planners to rebuild and rehabilitate the nation’s transportation system has spurred Illinois Institute of Technology to revive its program in transportation engineering beginning in spring 1991.

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