Biographical Sketch:  Prof Peter Y Johnson- 2010



Department of Biological, Chemistry, Physical Sciences (BCPS), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL 60616 Phone: CHEM (312)567-3440; FAX 567-3210; E-mail: Webpage IIT BCPS:, Peter's page:  for more personal information. Recent IIT server "port" to "mypages" space has created many broken links in these pages. Sorry.



Attended The University of Illinois 1961-65 receiving the Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in Chemistry.  Wrote a Bachelor's thesis,"The Generation of Carbonium Ions from Carboxylium Ions", A JACS publication, under the supervision of Professor Peter Beak.


Attended The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1965-68 receiving the PhD in October of 1968.  Thesis work, directed by Professor Glenn A. Berchtold, concerned "The Photolysis of Keto-Sulfides" and resulted in several publications. 


Postdoctoral research was conducted at MIT under the supervision of Professor David Hercules involved flash photolysis.



1964-1965 -   N.S.F. Undergraduate Fellowship, U of IL, Urbana

1965-1966 -   Sun Oil Fellow, MIT

1966-1968 -   N.I.H. Predoctoral Fellowship, MIT

            1990-1991 -   Amoco Award for Excellence in Service and Teaching, IIT

1991-1992 -   Bauer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching- Chem 124, Freshmen chem.

1992-1993 -  Anderson Quality Award Gold Medalist Participant  for Partnership programs involving Business, Universities, and Public Schools (Access 2000).

1995 and 2001-   IIT Award as Best Faculty Advisor-UB (Union Board) (Has been advisor to many IIT clubs.)


Professional Societies

He is, or has been a member of, the American Chemical Society (Organic, Medicinal, Chemical information and Computer Sciences Sections), Sigma Xi, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Association of University Professors, Phi Lambda Epsilon Society, Chicago Council for Post Secondary Education, College Board Delegation, Council of Colleges of Arts and Letters and the American Conference of Academic Deans as well as NACA.



1969-1975     - Assistant Professor, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md

1976-1988     - Associate Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Il

1985-1996     - Director, IIT Summer Institutes on Computer Modeling in Mathematics and Science, EID, DASH, and HAWK

1986-1993     - Director, IIT Educational Technology Center [ETC] -(Now called the"ARC")

1988-1993     - Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, precollege, honors, Minority programs, other

1988                -Professor of Chemistry, IIT

1990-1996     - IIT Director of the Midwest Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities (Access 2000)

            1993-present - IIT Director of the Chicago Alliance for Minority Participation (Now Illinois LS-AMP)           

2002-2008     - IIT President of the Armour Faculty Club           

2005-present - IIT Academic Safety Officer, OSHA, Dept Homeland Security Liason

Present           - Professor, Chemistry Division, BCPS Dept, Illinois Institute of Technology.


He has been featured in 40+ newspaper articles and numerous TV spots: See sample news articles:  Chicago Sun-Times, 5/6/86, "Kids get hands on IIT computer";  Chicago Tribune, 5/25/93, "Schools trying to fill gap in high-tech education"; "Science and Math add up to fun"; Chicago Tribune, 7/29/94, "Rocket Science";  Chicago Tribune, 07/28/2000," IIT program aims to launch children into science fields", Chicago Sun-Times, 03/01/2001, "Making Mirth at Work".  Many of his photos have been used to promote funded programs, clubs, and IIT goals and some have been published. (Many can be found on my personal web-page: )


He has published 70 plus articles, many in refereed publications, others abstracts for talks, ranging from organic synthesis and mechanisms to the use of experts systems in chemistry and co-authored/reviewed two chapters for the ACS Symposium Series:


            "Designing an Expert System for Organic Synthesis: The Need for Strategic Planning," Peter Y. Johnson, I. Burnstein, J. Crary, M.Evens, and T. Wang, Published in the ACS Symposium Series 408 "Expert System Applications in Chemistry", p102-124, edited by Bruce Hohne and Thomas Pierce, 1989, Los Angeles, California.


He has presented over 200+ talks on subjects ranging from organic synthesis, the use of computers in chemistry, the use of expert systems in science, computer modeling of math and science, inspirational addresses-do the best you can, go to college, be all you can be promoted by the NSF, multicultural programs in the university environment, Chicago inner-city education, the importance of student activities in the educational process. Other, and started IIT's Annual UGR Conference and Directed the first 5.  He has taken many inner city students to national NSF conferences and one just became famous as the new head of Chicago Community Colleges -Google "Cheryl Hyman".

He has attracted funding from federal (NIH, NFS, NCI, DOE, DEA, FIPSE), state (IBHE), and local governments (TAMS), foundations (Frankel, Fry, Coke-a-Cola, Scholl, IL Bell, GTE, Northern Trust, Toyota) and industry (some with matching funds) totaling over $4 million in areas ranging from organic synthesis, expert systems, and STEM education. Inner city STEM programs include the IIT Gifted program, EID, DASH, Bridge, Community HAWK, Build-A-Computer, Access 2000 and LS-AMP. Two of the large NSF funded projects are:

            *1990-1995 NSF.(CRCM), Midwest Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities- as Co-PI and IIT Director).   

            *1993-2010 NSF (LS-AMP), Chicago Alliance for Minority Participation- as Co-PI (Was PI on original proposal) and IIT Director to date.   


He has worked with: 4  Postdoctoral follows, 14 Doctoral students, 5 MS students, and 17 undergraduate research fellows before becoming a "bog downed" administrator.  Still enjoys presenting the excitement of natural product syntheses to his students.