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Summer DASH Program

Created by Peter Johnson
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Discovery Approach to Science enHancement

The Discovery Approach to Science enHancement (DASH) program is centered in the Chicago Urban Area and funded as part of The National Science Foundation's CRCM effort with help from the Frankel Foundation. The purpose of the Chicago CRCM Coalition -- Access 2000 -- is to increase the participation of traditionally underrepresented groups in science, engineering, and math (SEM) disciplines. Our summer DASH Program is structured to give rising high school sophomores and juniors a chance to get involved in "hands on" science and engineering projects. We also introduce computer programming and communication skills. The first two weeks of the program revolve around experiments involving Newtonian physics: velocity, acceleration, and motion. The second two weeks revolve around an engineering project: designing and manufacturing a rocket which will meet certain performance requirements.

This program was run on IIT's Campus from 1985 thru 2004. Enjoy some past years pages

Recent DASH Articles

DASH Staff for the Summer and Academic Year

Pam MoyJim Karagiannes
Pam Moy, IIT DASH Summer Coordinator and HS Teacher.

Hi, Welcome to our Web Site.
Please contact us at (312) 567-5216 if you have
any questions about our 1996/97 DASH program.

IIT EID Spring Coordinator and Physics Instructor, Jim Karagiannes.

DASH Staff. Thanks for the great job!

(1995 TA staff John and Jim at awards. Pete with camera Pam and PJ making car Dr. Kallend's V2 rocket George being funny John at windtunnel Pam Will shakes hand Cheryl, Akex, Pam eating cake. Jerry helps out. Pam and PJ making car Aubrey awards Valerie doing photos PJ thermite rxn George at computer Mike and Pam Mega John Jerry an Art, CH5 PR covers shoot PJ used rocket Peter at windtunnel John and rocket planeCheryl at awards

Student Participants

The Summer 4 Week Program

DASH Students check in John and Pam say hello Pam at computer working at computer inclined plane exp. inclined plane exp. inclined plane exp. Leo the TA Student at ETC Sanjida and Antoin, TA's everybody-96
Great America 96 out of the bus the 96 group goup again roller coaster roller coaster Students getting data using sextent to get angle data PJ with winnings twister Leo giving directions friends water boat down the roller starting going down DASH and EID staff dinner

making 1st rocket more making rocket making Dash rockets DASH PJ rocket DASH rockets in row DASH JK rocket standing tall taking pictures Prof. J's rocket PJ's taking off Joe and reporter two women and rocket Rocket group Jim at table painted rocket two blasting off two women and rocket award to blue

The Spring Reunion

h2 baloon exp holding flowers thermite the group eating making car running the car good job PJ gives prize

Be Happy! See you on the web.

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