IIT's Campus is a Chicago Landmark

designed by Mies van der Rohe.
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I hope my photos © give you a feeling for our campus. Its low rise buildings and open spaces surprise many of our visitors.

The clickable map of IIT will help you to indentify buildings mentioned in the captions: IIT map

campus view (58K) Looking southeast from Perlstein on a summer day towards the fountain on the corner of State and 33rd. On occasion soap gets in the water and the fountain becomes a bubble bath for the local birds as well as partying frat brothers and sisters.

campus view (38K) Looking east towards Engineering 1 in October. The trees are turning golden but days are still balmy.

campus view (48K) Looking towards Engineering 1 south door in October. The turning trees reflect in the windows.

campus view (78K) Looking west at Herman Hall and the famous painted rock. Ask an upper classmen what it is all about?

campus view (47K) Looking west towards Herman Hall, the Student Center. The trees are just starting to blossom, days are still cool.

campus view (60K) Just out side of Herman Hall is a patio which is lovely on a sunny day and a series of benches for students to gather at. The Kiosk contains info on whats happening around campus.

campus view (77K) Looking towards Engineering 1 mid afternoon in October. Students skurry to class on a mild Fall day.

campus view (67K) Looking west towards Main Building in the early Spring. The morning sun gives a sparkle to the new leaves on the trees.

Main in late fall (63K) The view as above but after the leaves have fallen and we have received our first dusting of snow.

campus view (46K) Looking west at the stained glass windows in the old Main building. Take the time to stop and read the message.

campus view (31K) Looking west towards Main from Wishnick as the sun rises early in the morning. In the late fall, the trees which usually obscure the view are bare.

Main in the snow (62K) After a heavy winter snow, the same scene in the early light after gives a peaceful beauty to the old structure. The bare trees cast a mosaic of shadows on the white field.

Main from Sox park (60K) Looking east towards Main from the upper seats of the new White Sox Stadium allows a good view of the 35th street EL station situated between the 14 lanes of the Dan Ryan expressway.

35th street station view (55K) IIT's Main Building is presents a striking contrast to Sox Park which is on the other side of the tracks as one gets off the train at the 35th EL station. I often find it convenient to take the subway to work.

campus view (60K) Walking north at the 35th EL station to the 33rd Street exit and taking a right turn puts you at the railroad bridge which graces IIT's West entrance. It is hard anticipate the peaceful, low rise character of the campus fro m this side of the bridge. Check out the Art Work on the bridge.

campus view (23K) Looking east as a ROTC helicopter takes off from the soccer field for a fly around with faculty as cargo. The next pictures of IIT and Chicagoare f rom the air.

campus view (42K) Looking down and east at Stuart as the helicopter heads for the lake in mid afternoon. We will go south, turn inland, fly over the campus, and t hen circle the city.

campus view (69K) Looking down on Main Building as the helicopter heads for the Sears Tower on the way to Miggs Field.

city  view (56K) Looking north at the Sears Tower as we make a sweeping turn towards Meigs Field.

Oak St. beach (79K) Looking north down at Oak Street Beach towards my condo. This stretch is often referred to as the "Magnificent Mile".

city  view (45K) Looking towards the Hancock Building on the way back to IIT. The building on the far right, Lakepoint Tower was designed by IIT architects.

campus view (55K) Looking north down "Federal Street" sidewalk in the spring. The early sun casts interesting shadows on the pavement.

the gym (64K) Looking north from the faculty parking lot towards Keating Gym which sits just east of the EL tracks. The has numerous basketball courts and a number o f heavily used racquette ball courts which double as squash courts. The pool is on the ground floor on the south side.

city  view (29K) Looking east towards Keating Hall and the IIT HAWKS baseball field on a gray Preview Day afternoon. I think the HAWKS were winning. Just to the north of the baseball field is the track and socker field.

map of lake front (26K) A map showing IIT's proximity to the lake and my favorite bike and jogging trails to Oak beach.

Oak beach (51K) Looking north at Oak Street beach and the Million dollar mile. In July on a hot day several thousand souls will take the plunge here.

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