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IIT Student Handbook 1996-97,
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by associate vice president for Main Campus student & academic affairs staff and PR
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Student Organizations
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Students are encouraged to participate in IIT's spirited campus life. Taking part in organizations and activities is considered an integral part of an IIT education. The cocurricular experience broadens your interests, helps develop leadership skills, and provides the opportunity to interact with others to build the IIT community.

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Student membership on executive boards of all registered student organizations is open to full-time, regularly enrolled students in good academic standing. However, general membership in student organizations is open to all full and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. The associate vice president for Main Campus student & academic affairs encourages your participation in student organizations.

Reflection from Oat Street beach pj96 To ensure that programs and activities flourish at IIT, her office works closely with the following organizations: Student Leadership Committee (SLC), Greek Council (GC), Residence Halls Association (RHA), TechMate, Technology News, Union Board (UB), and WOUI Student Radio Station. For more information, call Student Activities in the HUB Office at Ext. 73075.

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  • Student Leadership Committee (SLC) Ext. 73074,


    The SLC serves as the student government at IlT Its role is to provide a forum to express student opinion, distribute funding to student organizations, confirm recognition of student clubs, and to serve as a liaison between the university administration and the student body. Every IIT student who is enrolled and has paid the activities fee is a member of the SLC.

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  • Greek Council (GC) Ext. 73075,


    The Greek Council, comprised of two representatives from each of the social fraternities and sororities, promotes, organizes, and executes programs of mutual interest among the fraternities and sororities that range from sports activities to community projects. An Executive Committee administers the routine functions and represents the fraternities' and sororities' common interests in communicating with the IIT administration and with the Alumni linterfraternity Council (AIFC). The GC Judicial Board has the power to enforce GC regulations (which are in addition to university regulations) over its member fraternities and sororities in accordance with university guidelines.

  • Residence Halls Association (RHA) Ext.86201/86400,


    RHA exists as a coordinating body to plan activities for residents, to provide a channel through which residents may voice concerns to administration, and to provide leadership and learning opportunities. RHA at IIT is comprised of an executive board of residents with officers from each of the seven residence halls. Participation by all residents is encouraged, through attendance at RHA meetings and leadership conferences and serving on committees. RHA meets every other Monday night in the residence hall cafeteria.

  • TechMate Ext. 73084,


    Through TechMate, commuter students gain a sense of community and become active in campus life. TechMate informs the commuter student about all the available student services and provides a mechanism for students to get to know each other.

  • Technology News Ext. 73085,


    The purpose of the weekly Technology News is to inform, entertain, challenge, and uplift its constituencies - all students, staff, and faculty of IIT as well as friends and visitors - and to bring together the various segments of the IIT campus through balanced informational content. Technology News is produced by students; those interested in joining the staff are invited to call Ext. 73085.

  • Union Board (UB) Ext. 73086,


    The Union Board provides IIT students with a broad program of recreation such as concerts, movies, dances, art exhibits, lectures, tournaments, and tours. These are planned, organized, and presented by the various UB committees. Students serving on committees gain valuable experience in leadership and group participation and contribute to campus life by helping to direct UB activities. The structure of Union Board is flexible enough to incorporate new ideas or programs that members of the student body may suggest. All students are invited to join committees and to attend the UB meetings every Tuesday at 12:10 p.m. in the HUB.

  • WOUI 88.9 FM Ext. 73088,


    A non-commercial radio station owned and operated by IIT, WOUI has been organized primarily to give IIT students an opportunity to learn management, organizational, and operational skills in radio broadcasting while serving the IIT community.

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  • Other Leadership Opportunities

    Students participate in the administration of the university through membership on search committees for academic and administrative positions, as well as university committees that cover topics such as the alcohol policy, campus life, and discipline. A seminar on Student Leadership is held the third weekend of the fall semester sponsored and organized by the Student Leadership Committee. The seminar is designed to reenergize and rejuvenate organization members as well as to provide training for new and returning leaders. The seminar will also enable participants to reestablish ties with other student organizations and to meet students, faculty, and staff from other areas of campus.

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    In addition to the organizations described above some 65 others exist to promote various student interests. Anyone interested in forming a new organization should contact Student Activities in the HUB Office at Ext. 73075.

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