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Worker on N. Side condo killed after scaffold collapses

[Both photos by Peter Johnson, one from his 16th floor condo balcony]

Chicago Sun-Times, Thursday, August 24,2000


Web format and both photos by Prof. Johnson

1000 N. LSD, man hangs on rope for life
man falls thru roof to death

Worker on N. Side condo killed after scaffold collapses

A man fell to his death after a scaffold gave way at a Gold Coast condominium Wednesday, but firefighters were able to rescue his co-worker as he dangled 20 stories, in the air.

The accident happened around 12:15 p.m. at 1040 N. Lake Shore Dr. after a co-worker called to the two to say it was time to break for lunch, police said.

One of the men on the scaffold, Octavio Garcia, of the 4800 block of South Marshfield, tried to start the scaffold's motor but couldn't, and the scaffold gave way, Chicago police spokesman Edward Alonzo said.

"He [Garcia] tells them there is no power and immediately after, the left cable snaps," Alonzo said. Garcia "fell through a first floor canopy and onto the ground."

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