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Recent Facillity Improvements,
Completed and in Progress

Technology News, Volume 139, Issue 1, August 28, 1995

by Staff

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Projects Completed 1995


$845,000 has been obligated toward roofing work since Siegel Hall began in late 1994. All roofing work will becompleted by the end of 1995. Projects include:

Siegel Hall
Alumni Hall
Perlstein Hall
Engineering One
Life Science - to becompleted in about one month
Commons Building - to start next week
Wishnick Hall - to start after Commons Building

Paving, Curbs and Sidewalks

$188,000 has been obligated toward paving and concrete work this summer. Some of this work was funded by the CTA. Projects include:

Service Station lot - to becompleted in early September
Drives between Wabash and Service Station lot- to be completed in early September
Visitor lot between 33rd and34th at State Street
Tennis courts - to be completed in early September
Curb on west side of Fraternity lot-To be completed by early September
Sidewalk from Galvin to Main Building - completed this week
Sidewalk from Commons to E-1
Miscellaneous concrete replacement

Life Sciences landscape


$119,000 has been obligated toward landscaping around the campus. Much of this work was done at the entries of buildings. Some additional work included sod and mulch. Projects included:

Annual plants for color E-1 west entry
Perlstein Hall south entry
Hermann Hall lower dining court - to be completed in early September
Hermann Hall upper dining area near ramp
Hermann Hall southeast-facade
Commons sod on west side and picnic area

Commonss east -facade - to be completed this week
Residence Hall main entry
Residence Hall dining, court
Life Science west entry
Galvin Library east facade
Wlshnick Hall west and south facade
Siegel Hall west entry
Stuart Building south entry
Mulch in planting beds andaround trees
Sod for restoration
Commons interior plants

Building Projects

$403,000 has been obligated toward improvements to various areas throughout campus. In addition many small repairs were made and are listed under miscellaneous. Projects included:

Student Service Center - $375.000
Hermann Hall BOG and Recreation Center - $70,000
President's Office Suite - $12,000
Main Building Elevator Refurbishing - $9,000
Paint for classrooms and auditorium- $25,000
Hermann Hall Lighting and Sound System - $44,000, to be completed Fall 1995
Miscellaneous small projects - $20,000
Paint in corridors, public spaces - $18.000
Siegel Hall Physics Lab - $130,000
Siegel Hall ECE Lab - $130,000

Tables and Chairs

$375,000 was obligated toward new tables and chairs for interior and exterior spaces on campus. Locations for these furnishings are as follows.

Classroom tablet arm chairs
Classroom teacher desks - to be delivered this week
Hermann Hall Cafeteria tables and chairs
Commons interior tables and chairs
Harmann Hall, Commons - Exterior tables and chairs
Commons north lawn - Exterior picnic tables
Admissions furnishings
Stuart Building fixed chairs - room111 and room 113


$48,000 was obligated toward miscellaneous improvments for the entire campus. Projects included:

Banners on light poles
Garbage cans
Bike racks

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