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So Are You Ready For Summer?

Technology News, Volume 142, April 28, 1997

By Helen Treyer
Commentary Editor

Web format and photo @ by Prof. P. Johnson

Some of us are ready for hot Chicago weather, are you? Professor Pete Johnson has already been conducting his classes outside in this beautiful weather. His Chem 299 class is happy to be outside rather than be stuck in a hot room. They not only learn about 02, but also experience it. As we all know, everything around us is made up of molecules and even humans are made up of them (you all remember that, right?). Peter Johnson is an outdoors person. I had a privelage of driving with him to one of the NACA conferences, where I learned a lot about this teacher. Being a faculty advisor for Union Board, Pete shows how much the students mean to him. That also shows how much he likes to be involved in school activities. He has not missed one outdoor activity, whether it was sponsored by Union Board or any other campus organization. Pete likes to take his son and his truck and drive somewhere they have never been before. After talking to him, it seems that he has been all over the United States if not the whole continent. Peter Johnson always has good ideas for Union Board's activities and especially the Outdoor Commitee.

One thing that you can be sure about is Peter Johnson will not go anywhere without his camera. A lot of the pictures that are floating around the school, like student handbooks or older versions of Technology News, were taken by him.

Taking his classes outside during the good weather is common for Pete.
Prof. J. class
If you don't know who he is, just stop by his office in Rm 298 Life Science and he will always find 10 minutes to talk to you.

Or better yet, if you ever go by Life Science building and see a professor conducting a class, you can be sure it is Pete Johnson. So ask your teacher to take you outside and have the classes conducted there.

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