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Ski Trip Is A Hit

Technology News, Volume 142 Number 5, March 3, 1997

by: Dawn Barton

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On Saturday, February 15, approximately 100 IIT students and UB Advisor Prof. Peter Johnson loaded on two buses at seven in the morning and took a three and a half hour trip to Devil's Head Resort just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. The agenda for the trip was to ski, snowboard, and have as much fun as you could from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. The skiers' levels ranged from absolute beginner to expert. Many of the skiers were some where in the middle, but for those of us who were beginners the bunny hill is where we spent most of the day. Since the price of the trip included rental and lift ticket for both day and night, people could take breaks and still have plenty of time to ski. For the beginners this was nice because they were on the ground alot. I know this from experience since this was my first time skiing. Although I was just beginning to ski, I had alot of fun. Many of the upper skiers couldn't wait to hit the slopes. It was the perfect day, the sun was out, the snow was fresh, and the temperature was just right. As soon as the buses arrived, those who knew how to ski took off not to be seen again till nine-thirty at night when loading the buses. The beginners could be found in the cafeteria after a while, sore and tired. Devil's Head had a variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders. There were three hills for beginners, two for intermediate, a few black diamond, two double black diamond (expert) slopes, and some special slopes which included a half-pipe for boarders and moguls for the daring. One skier, Mitch Mabrey, attempted the moguls and had fun trying, but fell many times. Even though many of the other skiers also fell, everyone had a good time. Overall the ski trip was a great adventure. Everyone had a fun and exciting time. I believe AICHE, Union Board, Greek Council and the Studen tActivities Office did a very fine job in planning the event. The Student Leadership Committee and Finance Board also need to be thanked for providing some of the money to pay for the trip. It was money well spent.

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