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Everything "Of the Year" Awards 4/2000

Technology News, Volume 148, Issue 12, April 24, 2000

Nick Nimchuk

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RECENTLY, ILLINOIS TECH HELD THE first Annual Recognition Banquet. The awards, which drew from the "Of the Month" award nominees, recognized some of the most outstanding students, organizations, events, and advisors at Illinois Tech.

A recognition committee consisting of Peter Johnson, Terry Shapiro, Tosin Aluko, Lori Develice, and David Barker organized the luncheon on Friday, April 14. It was the culmination of various events from the last year, such as "Of the Month" awards through the year and four separate appreciation days, like Faculty Appreciation Day. Barker, a senior Chemical Engineering major, gave the keynote speech at the banquet. As one of the primary organizers of the "Of the Month" awards throughout the year, he described his reasons by saying, "I wanted to change the way people think about Illinois Tech." By establishing the tradition of recognition, Barker wanted to encourage people to start and continue to help the Illinois Tech community.

The first award recognized the people who made the awards possible the nominators. Dawn Barton was recognized for giving the awards committee people to choose from. The next award was the "Faculty of the Year Award," given to the most notable faculty advisor. Peter Johnson, Chemistry Professor, presented the award. He felt the importance of advisors was in their connection between the academic and student life. He said, "My concern for many-many years has been the middle of those two sets-how they mesh." For helping bring those sets together, philosophy professor Jack Snapper was given the faculty of the year award.

Develice presented two awards, one for the organization of the year, and one for the event of the year. TechMate was given the first, because "their genuine concern for commuter students has made a definite impact on this campus," Develice said. Next, as one of the few recognized traditions at Illinois Tech, the International Fest was recognized as the "Event of the Year."

Helen Treyer received the last award for "Student of the Year." Barker explained how she was behind the scenes of many of the major events at Illinois Tech, even if she wasn't always the recognized organizer. The luncheon finished by recognizing the committee that had worked throughout the year and organized the banquet.

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