A Little Fun Goes a Long Way

A Tribute to Porter Johnson and Earl Zwicker

by Lilla E. Green 07.29.99

How to learn while having fun
Was the order of each day;
The Math and Physics Family
Turned science into play.

Professors Earl and Porter
Quite "laid back" was their style;
Set the tone for our summer stint
Through curious eye-opening wiles.

The Pythagorean Theorem
Preceded those super balls;
You could hear "Little Bill" and Frana ...
All up and down IIT's halls.

"Hey, Little Carl", Barbara would say -
"What's up with that magic potion?"
Between Ptolemy and retrograde action
We were dizzy from so much motion.

A little Pre-school math from Sir Jamal
Will get those babies ready;
To tackle math in the next two years
From the "I-Don't-Play" - Ms. Camille-Lady

We giggled awhile through the moon phases' lesson
Taught by the classy Miss Kim;
But, mind you, we scored high in magnetism
With Miss Marjorie - so pert and so prim.

Tidbits of trivia were shared by all
As eye-openers kindled our minds;
We were energized by salads and chips
Treats of every imaginable kind.

Mikail and Chandra sparred harmlessly
With good-natured joking and looks;
But Bill stood firm as he steadily taught
Without the help of books.

Spherical Geometry - Simple Machines
Make Physics a practical course;
And Lil's coasters, balloons, and rockets
Showed forth the nature of force.

The outside became our classroom,
As we measured the speed of cars;
Richard had us track autos,
While Carl had us track Mars.

We learned how to sort and categorize
From Barbara and Winnie too;
Steven and Janet taught circuitry;
Now we're "wired-up" through and through.

Some of us got on Miss Wanda's nerves
As she attempted to teach;
Once our class got so unruly,
Sir Earl had to stand up and preach!

Smacking our lips, guzzling that pop
While Miss Mattie's fractions were taught;
To graph the balls we bounced one day,
Was the plan from Miss Frana's thought.

To all of SMILE's Summer'99 staff,
We say "Gracias!" and "Merci Beaucoup!"
We know we've left imprints on your minds,
As we bid you a hearty "Adieu!"

As summer gives way to autumn's stage,
We pledge to use "hands-on" instruction,
From Indiana to Glencoe - SMILE's represented,
Through lessons of phenomenological construction.

Porter - Earl - We salute you!
We treasure the conceptual store
Of knowledge, laced with satirical wit
And of trivia galore.