Inland Alaska Photos: Part I [Man-Made]

Photo #IN: I:1

The Alyeska ski Resort [near Anchorage on Turnagain Arm] was in full operation when we visited, because of the unusually heavy snow last winter.

Photo #IN: I:2

Travel on these gondolas is quick and easy, except for when the pulley superstructure passes over a support. The gondola then undergoes a large-amplitude oscillation --- good physics leads to sheer terror! Who could ask for anything more??

Photo #IN: I:3

A 2.3 mile [4 km] tunnel was recently opened for this road to go to Whittier, Alaska on the Prince William Sound. The hunters and fisherman who live in Whittier are not happy of being part of the modern world! The ice floating in the water comes from the nearby Portage Glacier.

Photo #IN: I:4

The sled dogs love to pull the sleigh. Whenever one dog is hooked to the sled, the others go into a manic state! By the way, the dogs respond to the commands "gee" [turn right], "haw" [turn left], and "whoa" [stop] --- just like traditional farm animals --- BUT the signal for starting is either "go" or "hike" [as in football]. The term "mush" is never used, in spite of the mystique of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

Photo #IN: I:5

There was some danger that we would have to take this 6 week old Huskie puppy home with us. Instead, this puppy may grow to run in the Iditarod Trail Dog Race.

Photo #IN: I:6

Scenic Alaska Railroad Train from Anchorage to Fairbanks. This picture was taken from the observation deck of the train, through the glass.

Photo #IN: I:7

Stop inflation; mine your own gold!

Photo #IN: I:8
University of Alaska Museum, on the campus of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The rocket is used by the Geophysical Institute in connection with observations of the Northern Lights, and the solar-powered weather station is placed in remote locations.
Photo #IN: I:9

Old tractor from the "good old days" in Alaska.

Photo #IN: I:10

Sled dog [Alaska Huskie] that has run on the teams of the Iditarod Race several times. As you can see, the dogs are quite small, very friendly [especially to children]! They are carefully bred, not for blood line, but for being "all heart". It is endurance, rather than strength, that matters for these dogs. Some of the sled dogs look like they are "half German Shepherd" or "part Setter", but the best ones are the Huskies. These dogs are said to be a "good match" in a fight with a wolf, since they have a more steady diet and are in better condition than the average wolf.

Photo #IN: I:11

Fashion show featuring the best of Native American Outerwear.

Photo #IN: I:12

Modern reproduction of a modest-sized stern-wheeler riverboat, Discovery, in Fairbanks, Alaska.