Inland Alaska Photos: Part II [Natural]

Photo #IN:II:1

Beaver Dam as seen from train on Alaska Railroad near Denali. The beavers are nowhere to be seen, but their handiwork is evident. Note that the water levels are different, thanks to the beavers.

Photo #IN:II:2

Denali, as seen from Denali National Park. We are still 30 miles [50 km] from the mountain, which goes from a plateau of 2000 feet [600 m] to a peak of over 20,000 feet [6+ km].

Photo #IN:II:3

Cormorant in Denali National Park. The Cormorant, rather than the Eagle, Raven, or Magpie, is the State Bird of Alaska.

Photo #IN:II:4

Where sheep may safely graze until the wolves find them at this accessible spot. While they are well above the tree line in Denali, they are quite vulnerable, in contrast to their usual cliff-side locations.

Photo #IN:II:5

Goat in Denali National Park.

Photo #IN:II:6

And, just what is this? A marmot? It looks and acts like a Prairie Dog.

Photo #IN:II:7

It is best to leave the grizzly bear alone. If you encounter a grizzly in the wild, it is important NOT to run, but instead to talk to him/her, while slowly departing. If you run, the grizzly will conclude that you are "food", and act accordingly!

Photo #IN:II:8

On the other hand, if you encounter an angry moose, you should run! This particular moose is minding its own business eating sprouts while hidden in the bushes.

Photo #IN:II:9

Moose and moose-kin taken on the Alaska Highway in Denali National Park. We shot the digital camera from inside the (moving) bus through the front window glass at these animals, who were running quickly across the road, without being able to focus or aim very well.

Photo #IN:II:10

Stuffed Polar Bear in University of Alaska Museum. This is as close as you want to get to a being near a real one.

Photo #IN:II:11

These fledgling ravens are just leaving their nest on a cliff by the bank of the Chena River in Fairbanks. The young birds are being presented with the option to "fly or fall into the river and drown". Their parents are nowhere to be seen for this auspicious occasion. Will they make it?