Web Page Template
Mathematics Science Technology Academy
Wendell Phillips High School
18 -28 June 2001
Prepared by Porter Johnson

Welcome to the ten cent inside tour of the International Global Village---absolutely free!

This web page illustrates some of the things you can find, set up, and show to the world.


The creature sitting here is definitely smarter than the average bear:


S/he has learned these lessons:

  • nobody can ever know everything
  • you learn more by working steadily
  • knowledge is power

And, besides, it's fun to read your favorite book.

Have you ever thought about the virtual world? Virtual reality?
Do we see what really exists? Or not?
Have you ever wondered
what happens if you're
just reading a book,
when the world suddenly
turns inside out? How
would you know? What
if you could really
go to the world behind
 the looking-glass? ...
 ... What then, Alice?

Alice who?  To find out, click here but definitely, under no circumstances, should you click here!
If you don't like that picture for some peculiar reason, find a favorite by clicking here.
Or, perhaps we can just fix the one we have.  Let's try.  Click me, Please.

Does it work?  (Hey; I'm talking to you!)  ... Please put in your final answer!

a) Yes b) No c) It's stupid!

I like this picture, because it helps me to visualize what happens to the SMILE when the Cat Disappears.
Is that virtual reality, or what?  Or, was it just an optical illusion?

The material above is useful for you to practice in getting from one place to the other on the web, and then coming back to where you started.  If you have trouble doing that you can practice it in class, or else at home if you have access to the web, simply by going to the site http://www.iit.edu/~johnsonp/smart00/webtemplate.html.  The material on your diskette is a copy of that template.

Now, what about the mechanics of preparing a web page?

The standard language for writing on the web is called HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language.  There is a very good website that tells you most of what you need to know about HTML; see http://www.builder.com/Authoring/Basics/.  Also, you (and the bear) have a book about HTML, in which you can look things up.  There are other references of interest; see http://www.iit.edu/~johnsonp/webteach.html.

You can write things directly in HTML and do very well, but many people find it convenient to use software for composition.  We will use Microsoft FRONTPAGE2000™, a component available in more advanced versions of the Microsoft Office™ Program Package, to make web pages.


You go from one view to another in Frontpage by taking Mr Mouse to the lower left corner of the page, and clicking on the appropriate word.  The word that appears without highlighting will represent your view.  Check it out.

You should make your own web page on some technology-based topic of personal interest, such as the following, for example:


Famous Scientists or Technologists:

Science Topics of All Sorts:

Here is one well-tested set of web links, and there are many others.

You might find one of these topics to be interesting:

Classic Works of Science Fiction.

Again, the sky is not the limit.

These are but a few of an endless variety of topics on which you might prepare a web page.  Pick something you like, and then you can show others what you know and think.  Don't be interested just in cartoons!