Keith Bateman


email: kbateman at hawk dot iit dot edu

You can find my GPG key here. Please send me encrypted email if possible.


I am a Research Assistant and Pre-PhD student at the Scalable Computing Systems (SCS) Lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology. My research area is High Performance Computing, and my research interests are storage, scheduling, and parallel programming models. For more on this, please look here.


This is just a section I can't fit on my resume yet. I know how to program in basically any major language. This includes C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Lisp, etc. I am very confident in my skills in programming because my experience in functional languages like Lisp gives me a perspective on general purpose programming which enables me to easily break down a language into component parts and make it do whatever I need. I am also familiar with parallel programming models including MPI, OpenMP, GASNet, OpenSHMEM, etc.