Keith Bateman


email: kbateman at hawk dot iit dot edu

You can find my GPG key here. Please send me encrypted email if possible.


I am a Free Software enthusiast and Undergraduate Computer Science student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I work in the SCS lab on High Performance Computing, and am particularly interested in new storage paradigms and parallel programming models. My favorite programming languages are Lisp and C, but I am familiar with many of the popular languages and some that are not so popular.


This is just a section I can't fit on my resume yet. I know how to program in basically any major language. This includes C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Lisp, etc. I am very confident in my skills in programming because my experience in functional languages like Lisp gives me a perspective on general purpose programming which enables me to easily break down a language into component parts and make it do whatever I need. I am also familiar with parallel programming models including MPI and OpenMP (and am currently researching other models including GASNet, OpenSHMEM, and more).


There are a lot of things I'm passionate about. I occasionally write poetry. I love reading poetry, although I read all sorts of literature; as far as Fiction goes I prefer Fantasy. My favorite poets are Byron and Blake. I am fanatical about Free Software, especially because I like to experiment with lots of different kinds of software in a GNU/Linux system. I play video games in my spare time; I'm particularly fond of turn-based games, such as roguelikes. Check out my top ten list of video games. When I'm not doing that I'm usually editing text in GNU emacs, which is more of a way of life than a text editor. I think that Lisp is a beautiful and elegant language. I like to play board games, especially Diplomacy and Go, or Resistance. For music I like Morrissey and Beethoven. In general I like things that are pure, but complex. I like a challenge, but not competition.