By Keith Bateman


This section contains poems I have personally written, released under the CC-BY-SA license. I am currently working on a book which I plan on releasing here when it's finished.

Visions of Eden

This is a submission I sent in to a writing contest. No, it didn't win. I may include the content in a later work. For now it's just a pdf

Download Visions of Eden


This section contains music I have written. It's quite rough right now, and I should warn you in advance that it's currently very poorly mastered. I was eager to share it, so I wanted to get it out as quickly as possible. Regardless, it's available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. This means no commercial purposes.

Mixtape for Rose

This is a small proof-of-concept project. I call it my demo EP. Rose is the name of the red Schecter Omen 6 guitar I used in the recordings. The miniscule mastering I did on it was done in Ardour. It is available as a tarball containing four ogg files and cover art. Due to file size constraints I made it a Google Drive link.

Download Mixtape for Rose