This section contains a list of things I'm working on or have worked on relating to research, from newest to oldest.


Labios is a new I/O paradigm and storage system which involves labeling I/O tasks to perform later. I'm currently exploring how this paradigm can be applied to next-generation schedulers such as Flux in a collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Lab.


HCL is a distributed data structure library which uses RPC calls to expand STL structures across a cluster. I'm currently assisting in the writing of a paper relating to HCL.


ChronoLog is a multi-tiered shared log which uses time as the keyspace while maintaining fast tail reads and appends with reasonable historical reads. I contributed to ChronoLog significantly, and wrote sections of the soon-to-be-published paper. My contributions in the paper primarily relate to the API, the related work, and some diagrams and figures.


Hermes is a hierarchical buffering system designed to take full advantage of the modern Deep Memory and Storage (DMSH) hierarchy, consisting of local and remote RAM, local and remote NVMe, global burst buffers, and the Parallel File System. The lab is working on deploying it with the HDF Group to improve the functionality of the HDF5 file format. My work on this project has largely been in the domains of developing a prefetcher and cache manager for Hermes. The prefetcher later turned into the HFetch project, for which I presented a poster at GCASR.