ARCH 225/425 Examination for Credit

Administered by Professor Robert J. Krawczyk,

If you are interested in taking the exam, please first see Assistant Dean Steve Sennott,, for exam date and required form.

Outline for Examination:

You are excepted to be able to create a series of drawings without the assistance of menus or macros found in a typical architectural office. You should also have knowledge of basic CAD terminology and concepts.

The examination has three parts:

Part 1:  General questions covering CAD concepts and overall organization of CAD systems as implemented in AutoCAD Release 14.

Part 2:  Multiple choice questions covering specific features, operations, concepts, and methods within AutoCAD Release 14.

Part 3:  An architectural drawing; you will be given a sketch of the College Offices from which to create a CAD drawing.  The drawing will be graded based on overall presentation, layering, creation of symbols, dimensioning, and architectural drawing conventions.  Only a floor plan will be required.  Both a plotted and digital version of the drawing must be submitted.

Parts 1 and 2 comprise 40% of the exam and Part 3, 60%.

The College Multimedia Lab or an office system will be available for the exam.  Either AutoCAD 14 or 2000 will be installed.  You may bring your own computer with AutoCAD on it if you wish. No books or manuals are allowed or use of architectural templates.

Bring a 3 1/2" diskette to save your drawing onto.  The diskette will not be returned.

The exam should be completed in under three hours.

If you have further questions about the content, please contact: Robert J. Krawczyk