2005 SIOP Conference Symposium
Advances in Meta-Aanlysis: New Approaches to Artifact Correction

Friday, April 15, 11:30 - 12:50.


This symposium will cover recent advances in methods for correcting statistical artifacts when conducting a meta-analysis. Corrections for range restriction, measurement error and heterogeneity of variances will be discussed.


Oswald, F. L. & Converse, P. D., Correcting for Reliability and Range-Restriction in Meta-Analysis

Schmidt, F. L., & Le, H., Implications of Indirect Range Restriction for Meta-Analysis Methods
Handout 1 Handout 2

Brannick, M. T., Estimating Reliability in Primary Research

Morris, S. B., Estimating the Standardized Mean Change with Heterogeneous Variance

Nambury S. Raju, Discussant


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