2009 SIOP Conference Symposium
Meta-Aanlysis: Advances in Methods and Practice

Saturday, April 4, 8:00-9:50.


This session describes advances in the statistical tools and practice of meta-analysis. Topics include methods to account for baseline data, correct for range restriction, estimate random variance components and test for publication bias. Considerations in conducting and reporting meta-analytic results will be discussed.


Scott B. Morris
Accounting for Covariance Heterogeneity in the Standardized Mean Change

Huy Le & In-Sue Oh
Correcting for Indirect Range Restriction: Determining the u_T Distributions

Michael T. Brannick & Guy Cafri
The Conditional Random-Effects Variance Component in Meta-regression

Michael A. McDaniel
Cumulative Meta-Analysis as a Publication Bias Detection Method

Frederick L. Oswald
Interpreting and Using Results from Meta-Analysis

Craig J. Russell


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