About me

Maria E. Ramirez

I am a fourth year Ph.D student exploring different knowledge areas in Computer Science. In particular, my research interests are focused on machine learning, active learning, text mining and information retrieval.

I work at the Machine Learning Lab @ IIT doing research in Active Learning, Machine Learning and related areas.

My current research is focused on fiding a balance between cost and quality of annotation for active learning pool-based algorithm. I work on anytime active learning algorithms to make information gathering more efficient.



  • Ramirez-Loaiza, Maria E., Aron Culotta, and Mustafa Bilgic. 2014. “Anytime Active Learning.” In AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2014).[PDF]


  • Ramirez-Loaiza, Maria E., Aron Culotta, and Mustafa Bilgic. 2013. "Towards Anytime Active Learning: Interrupting Experts to Reduce Annotation Costs." In ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA'13).[PDF]

Contact information

Maria E. Ramirez

  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Computer Science Department
  • 10 W 31st Street
  • Chicago, IL 60616

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