Animation of Diffraction over a Barrier

The following visualizations show how diffraction over a barrier varies with the ratio of barrier height to wavelength. Shown are steady state plots of sound level as well as a transient animation showing the diffraction of sound over the barrier.

Click a plot below to see the animation or a larger plot of the steady state response.

Transient Animation Steady State Lp

h = λ

h = 2 λ

h = 4 λ

The visualizations were created using COMSOL Multiphysics with the Acoustics Module. A transient solution was computed to show the initial diffraction of sound over the barrier. A steady state solution was computed to map out the steady state sound levels throughout the computation region.  Mesh details for the computational model can be found in the reports generated by COMSOL. Click the buttons below to view the reports.

COMSOL Reports

Steady State
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