Illinois Institute of Technology

These are some projects that I worked on as part of assignments while at Illinois Tech.

Transportation Collective

The Transportation Collective was founded out of IIT's IPRO program. The IPRO program is a class required by all ungraduates to be taken twice. The idea of an IPRO is to merge multiple diciplines together, and encourage cross-diciplinary innovation.

I absolutely love the idea of this, and was excited to jump into it. Since I have interests in Data Engineering, I knew that the IPRO titled Microsoft: Big Data Science and the Urban Experience (sponsored by Microsoft and Motorola Solutions) was perfect for me.

The goal of this class was to utilize Big Data regarding the City of Chicago, and use that parsed data to improve Public Saftey in any way you'd like.

Together, with our many disciplines, we came up with a solution to the inefficiency of reporting problems to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

  • Javascript
  • Data Science
  • Back-End

Microcomputers Final Project

Created for ECE 441: Microcomputers. A fully functional code editor written in MC68000 Assembly.

  • Assembly
  • Compiler Design

Database Organization Final Project

The fruition on our semester long efforts in CS 425 to build an entire website for a student forum, using the tools and methods learned in the class. I did all of the PHP and HTML integration of the MySQL Database.

  • PHP
  • SQL