Lewis Department of the Humanities

Gregory J. Pulliam

I am the Associate Chair of the Lewis Department of Humanities and I'm the director of IIT's ESL programs. I am also the Humanities Department's representative to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, and the webmaster for that committee's site.

My Ph.D. in English Rhetoric and Composition and my M.A. in English Language and Linguistics are from the University of Missouri-Columbia. My B.A. in English Literature and Speech Communication & Rhetoric are from Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis); I also attended Delta State University.

Before beginning work on my Ph.D, I spent 15 years in broadcasting--both radio and television. I also worked for several years in the live entertainment industry.

My areas of interest are: the history & dialects of English, English as a second language, rhetoric & communication, mass media studies, and language & culture studies. 

I led the efforts to establish the Humanities Department's three undergraduate degree programs in Humanities, Journalism of Technology, Science & Business, and Professional & Technical Communication, and I'm the academic adviser to 30-40 students in these programs.

I teach or have taught the following courses: 

  • COM 101 and 111: Freshman Writing
  • COM 301: Introduction to Linguistics
  • COM 305: American English: History & Dialects (discontinued)
  • COM 306-506: World Englishes
  • COM 309-509: History of the English Language
  • COM 371 Persuasion
  • COM 372 Mass Media and Society
  • COM 374-574 Communication in Politics
  • COM 380-580 Topics: African American Language, Culture & Communication
  • COM 380-580 Topics: Gender in Communication
  • COM 421: Technical Communication
  • COM 425: Editing
  • COM 428: Verbal & Visual Communication
  • COM 435: Intercultural Communication
  • COM 440: Introduction to Journalism
  • HUM 601: TA Seminar
  • Click on any of these courses for the syllabus from the most recent section.

    Find me at:

    • My office in Siegel Hall 213
    • My mailbox in Siegel Hall 218
    • My office phone: (312) 567-7968
    • pulliam@iit.edu