Free Rallies

Hi Everyone,

   No movies to go to, no place to eat out. We are in the midst of a pandemic and we want you to be safe. So to take care of your cabin fever we have written a rallye that you can run at any time night or day. No trophies, no endpoint, just you and a partner driving the course of a REAL gimmick road rallye. You send us the answers to the questions and we will send you a synopsis and the correct answers. This is a short rallye and best yet it’s FREE. If you choose to stay at home, you can participate pretty well on Google Street View maps. We hope you enjoy this basic rallye. If enough people participate we will do another one next month for FREE too, until such time as we can get together and run as a pack. Include are general instructions, route instructions and you can send answers back with a word file or use the attached Answer Sheet then e-mail it to us and we will send you a synopsis of the course and the answers we expected. We are all in this together and no reason to sit on your hands during the isolation period. Send your answers back to Have fun.

Dennis Dorner
Wheels Rallye Team
Free Rallye #1
Free Rallye #2 - Streets Of Fury

Free Rallye #3 - Wheels of Fortune

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