The Famous Ghost Hunt House Tour.

The Famous Ghost Hunt Halloween House Tour, begins on October 24 and runs until October 31.
Here's what's happening. Beginning Saturday October 24 we will send out a route that takes you by and past some of the best Halloween house decorations in the Northwest suburbs. You can run the event at your leisure anytime between then and Halloween.

   We point out particular displays along the way for you to look at, answer questions about and in general just enjoy. You can play along and answer the questions or just look at the houses. We will post the answers to all questions on the web site around November 2.

   It's a fun way to celebrate Halloween. The starting point is Woodfield Mall where you begin the rallye, and it ends up at Garibaldi's in Hoffman Estate.  (In case you want to grab a piece of pizza). There is NO registration at Woodfield, you just begin the course there.

   It's fun, Its's Halloweeny, and you will enjoy yourselves.

   To enter go to: and then preregister here.

   The cost is $20. For the $20 you will receive Rules, Route Instructions, Questions, a Scoresheet (In case you want to check your answers later) and detailed information on how to run in the event.

   Note: All proceeds will go to various children's charities in the Chicago  area.

   You can acquire more information on the web site as well.

   Come on out and start Halloween right.


   Be sure and preregister on the web site you can do so anytime from Now until Halloween at 2pm.

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