Copy-wright Your Exams
and Receive a Letter of Reprimand
Roy Coleman

In January sometime in the late 1990's we got a memo from the Area Office that we had to submit our mid-term exams to the Area Office so they could compile an area wide set of exams to standardize the midterms across the schools in our area.  Basically they wanted to copy our work and then get credit for creating these exams.  I came up with the idea to copy-wright our exams and put the copy-wright symbol © on our exams with a note that they could not be used without the express written permission of the author.  I made 4 copies of my suggestion and gave one to the department chairs of the English, Language, Social Studies and Science Departments.

On Records Day (typically the last day of January) the principal started his meeting by announcing that "Everyone should ignore the illegal and misleading letter that was distributed about copy-writing the exams."   There was lots of confusion because only the 4 chairs and I new about this.  A lot of teachers thought it was Jerry Moore's doing and crowded him during the break.   He also had no clue about what was going on.   A couple of days later the principal figured out it was me and called me in to tell me he was putting  a 'Letter of Reprimand' in my Permanent File. (OH HORRORS!)  When I eventually got the notice of the reprimand from the CPS central office with a copy of the letter, I proudly posted it on my cabinet window.

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