Science and Math Week
Roy Coleman

For several years we had an annual Reading and Writing week where EVERY teacher, including shop and PE teaches, was required to spend a week on reading and another week on writing.  There were many rules as to what type of material was to be used.  Scientific papers were NOT considered proper reading because most of them did not have a 'story' that was open to interpretation.  We had to pick passages or chapters from books 'suggested' by the English Department. For reading. Likewise, writing lab reports was NOT considered proper because there was no room for 'innovation'.  For the writing week were required to have the students write 5 different types of pages , expository, questioning, etc.

This year the Reading and Writing week hit just before the AP Exams and we were told we could NOT continue the review but had to do the Reading/Writing assignments.

SO - I made up the attached 'Official' bulletin about also having a Science and Math week and put it in everyone's mailbox on Friday afternoon.

(Side note - I shared an office behind 347 with Lee Slick (Physics/Chemistry) and Ed Scanlon (Biology).

On Monday morning Ed came upstairs with this very confused look and stack of papers and asked why he was set upon in the office and there were so many papers in his mailbox.

I too was a bit confused until I looked at the sheets - apparently Mr. Heery, who always comes in early, had seen the bulletin and added one line to the bottom that said "On second thought return these sheets to Mr. Scanlon and ask him for more information.

We both has a good laugh and Ed managed to dodge several irate faculty members.

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