Turkey Clucker Havoc
How to annoy everyone
and get a student suspended
Roy Coleman
In one of the teacher classes I was in at IIT we were shown how to make a cheap and simple Turkey (or Chicken) clucker (See this video). 

For many years my wife and I would go to Seattle over Thanksgiving to visit her family.  SO -- I decided to provide the cup, string and cotton swab and show my classes how to make one.   Since we usually left on Monday evening before Thanksgiving, I passed out the cup, string and cloth and had every student make one on Monday.  The next ting I told them was that I wanted to hear the 'Clucks' during passing time.  By the end of the day things would get quite noisy and a lot of teachers were annoyed.  When I returned the Monday after Thanksgiving I heard that several had tried to talk to me on Tuesday or Wednesday only to find a substitute in my room.  Great Fun!

However, one year I found one of my better students serving out a 4 day In House suspension.  When asked what he did he wouldn't say but one of his friends said it was because of me.  Since i wasn't there, I was curious.  After asking around I found out what he had done.  Turns out that, on Wednesday, he took a box into this English class and part way through the class he let go a turkey Cluck.  When the teacher asked what that was, he replied that he had a turkey in the box.  He did this a couple of more times until the teacher got quite annoyed.  She came over and picked up the box and said it feel empty.  He assured her that there was a turkey in the box so she opened it to find ---

a picture of her!  OUT TO ISS!  (He happened to pick a teacher with no sense of humor - I would have laughed.)

I guess the moral of this story is 'know who you are kidding with'.

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