We're a kid lab!

Lab 277 is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students dedicated to the research and clinical application of child psychology. We are interested in academic achievement among school-age children, including components of language and social skills.

How does the lab function?

Our lab functions as a team. There are several different roles within the lab that are all very important. We have a lab director, research coordinator, social coordinator, scribe, and several data collectors.

The lab director is typically the individual(s) collecting data for their dissertation. This person runs our weekly lab meetings.

The research coordinator monitors current projects and upcoming conferences to which we can submit posters.

The social coordinator(s) plans social outings with members of the lab. We try to get together for a fun activity once a month and have been known to enjoy sushi at Dr. Bob's house, a movie at the Brew and View, an improv show at Second City, and plenty more.

The scribe has the duty of taking meticulous notes in our lab meetings so we're all up to date.

Last but not least, we've got plenty of data collectors. Each member of the lab spends 2-4 hours per week testing kids at schools in the area. We administer a battery of assessments to gather information in accordance with our research interests specific to that year.

As you can see, each member of the lab occupies an imperative role in the function of the group as a whole. We depend on the effort of one another and work very hard to have successful graduate school careers.

Lab 277 Advisor: Dr. Robert Schleser

Dr. Schleser earned his Ph.D. from Memphis State University in 1981. His research interests include educational evaluation, cognition, socialization, and sport psychology. He advises each member of Lab 277 and assists them in progressing through the program in a timely manner. Bob is a fundamental part of our graduate school careers, since he assists in choosing coursework, practica, internship, and other work experiences. He also facilitates our advancement within the program with the achievement of each milestone. Furthermore, Bob recruits interested undergraduate students to participate in our lab functions and help out with data collection.