Lab Project 2010-2011

Kim is working on a project which will involve research she has done with the Institute of Juvenile Research at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is specifically investigating the impact auditory processing difficulties has on learning problems in school-age children, taking into account social engagement behaviors.

Dissertation Project

Crystal is currently working on her dissertation, which involves investigating the impact of executive functioning patterns on academic achievement across subtypes of ADHD. Due to her interest in pediatric neuropsychology, the research is being conducted in the Pediatric Neuropsychology Clinic at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Recent Master's Projects

Clayton completed a thesis project examining academic skills and applications, with expressive language having a mediating role. He successfully defended his thesis in November 2010.

Katie completed a thesis project regarding a relationship between planning skills and fluency, particularly within the academic domains of reading and math. She successfully defended her thesis December 2010.