Department of Humanities Tentative Colloquium Schedule
Date Presenter Presentation Title Document
Jan. 29

Asia Ferrin
Sawyier Pre-doctoral Teaching Fellow, Humanities, IIT

Value-Guided Automatic Moral Judgment and Decision-Making

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Feb. 5

Libby Hemphill
Humanities, IIT

Looking for (Lesbian) Love: Social Media Subtext Readings of Rizzoli and Isles

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Feb. 12

Elisabeth "Lisa" Lloyd
History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana University - Bloomington

What is wrong with the way that many animal behaviorists and anthropologists (“adaptationists”) research evolutionary traits?

Spring 2016 Sawyier Philosophy Lecture in Science, Technology and Society

Crawford Auditorium, Rettaliata Center (E1)

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Feb. 26

Michael Davis
Humanities and CSEP, IIT

The Price of a Person

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Mar. 25

Geoff Holtzmann
CSEP Post-doc

Normative moral neuropsychology: A third tradition of neuroethics?
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Apr. 8

Aaron Spink
Sawyier Pre-doctoral Teaching Fellow, Humanities, IIT

The Two Methods of the Discourse on Method Download paper.
Apr. 22

Marie Hicks
Humanities, IIT

Computer Love: Sex, Social Order, and Technological Matchmaking at the Dawn of the Electronic Age, 1950-1979

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All colloquiua except the Sawyier Lecture will take place in the conference room in 218 Siegel Hall beginning at 2 p.m.unless otherwise announced.