Department of Humanities Tentative Colloquium Schedule
Date Presenter Presentation Title Document
Feb. 16

Keren Wilson Shatalov
Sawyier Pre-doctoral Fellow
Humanities, IIT

Hypokeimenon: More than a Criterion for Substance in Aristotle

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Mar. 9

Anja Matwijkiw
Indiana University - Northwest
Bronik Matwijkiw
Southeasst Missouri State University

The Kingdom of Denmark and “The Law of Jante:” From Sandemose’s Formalism to No Solidarity Responses in International Relations

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Mar. 30

Thomas Fisher
Sawyier Pre-doctoral Fellow
Humanities, IIT

Set-Based Principles for Diluting and Distributing Shared Responsibility

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April 6

Carl Cranor
University of California -

How Law and Science Can Better Protect the Public’s Health

Spring 2018 Sawyier Philosophy Lecture on Science, Technology, and Society

002 Hermann Hall (tentative)

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April 20

Michael Davis
CSEP and Humanities, IIT

The Legality of the Nuremberg Trials: A Brief Lockean Memoir

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All colloquiua except the Sawyier Lecture will take place in the conference room in 218 Siegel Hall beginning at 2 p.m.unless otherwise announced.