Department of Humanities Colloquium Schedule
Date Presenter Presentation Title Document
Sept. 12

Michael Davis
Humanities and CSEP, IIT

On the Possibility of Ethical Expertise

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Sept. 26

Rob Lawlor
University of Leeds

Climate Change, Voluntarism and Rationing

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Oct. 10

Warren Schmaus

Was Renouvier as Scientifically Conservative as Comte?

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Oct. 24

Laura Seger
Sawyier Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Neuropathography: A Window into the Obsessive-Compulsive Mind


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Nov. 14

Nancy Tuana
Penn State

Climate Change and Ethics: Broadening the Scope of the Dialogue

Fall 2014 Sawyier Philosophy Lecture in Science, Technology, and Society

111 Life Sciences

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Dec. 5



All colloquiua except the Sawyier Lecture will take place in the conference room in 218 Siegel Hall beginning at 2 p.m.unless otherwise announced.