Department of Humanities Tentative Colloquium Schedule
Date Presenter Presentation Title Document
Sept. 8

Michael Davis
Humanities and CSEP, IIT

Medical Ethics and the Harvesting Non-Vital Human Organs from Healthy Donors

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Sept. 22

Lou Agosta
University of Chicago Graham School

Empathy Lessons and Exams in Philip K. Dick's Science Fiction and Literature

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Oct. 13

Robert Ladenson
Humanities, IIT, emeritus

Inclusion, Community, and Justice

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Nov. 10

Thomas Fisher
Sawyier Pre-doctoral Fellow
Humanities, IIT

Shared Responsibility

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Nov. 17

J.D. Trout
Prof. of Philosophy and Psychology
Loyola University

(Soon to be Calamos Prof.of
Philosophy, IIT)

Engineering Happiness: Soft Science for a Hard World

Fall 2017 Sawyier Philosophy Lecture on Science, Technology, and Society

111 Pritzker Science Center (a.k.a. Life Sciences) auditorium

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All colloquiua except the Sawyier Lecture will take place in the conference room in 218 Siegel Hall beginning at 2 p.m.unless otherwise announced.