The Illinois Junior Academy Of  Science

Category:                                __________________________________  State

Name of  Primary Scientist:      __________________________________   Region #  _____

Grade:                                    ___________________________________  IJAS

Other Team Members:                                                                                    School #  ______

Name(s)                                ____________________________________

Grade(s)                               ____________________________________

School:                                _____________________________________

City/Zip                               _____________________________________

Phone:                                ______________________________________

Sponsor:                            ______________________________________

Project Title:                      ______________________________________















1.  Limit Abstract to 3 paragraphs (about 200 words or less).   a) Purpose-what you set out to investigate; b) Procedure -how you did it;

    c) Conclusion- based on you results.

2.  Must be typed, single spaced on the front of this form.  Do Not write on the back of this form.